Marco Pacheco is a talented Natural Bass Baritone, who has learned to sing with the best Masters in Mexico, he began singing in the local Church Choir and it was later at the age of 18 that he was first inclined to sing Mexican Music, but it would be at the The 24-year-old would fall in love with the music and interpretations of the legendary love icon Barry White, identifying with him because they both have the same voice register.

Marco has studied spirituality for 27 years with the best teachers in the world, including Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Neale Donald Walsh, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and Sai Baba himself, among many others.

In 2003 he would record an album with songs from the 70’s Music era in versions with synthesizers that would include several songs by Master Barry White.

At this time in his life, he brings us a Tribute to Barry White that will include 16 of the most emblematic songs, which were recorded in their day between 1972 and 1978, this in recognition and respect for this beautiful musical legacy and also in recognition of the great spiritual knowledge and emancipation through music that the icon of Love left us embodied in his book “Unlimited Love” inspirations in life and love, where his inspiring muse is music itself, whom he himself called Lady Music .

Marco Pacheco’s relationship with Barry White is full of coincidences, beginning because both were born on September 12 and are Virgo, astrology was very important to Master Barry White, from a very young age he was interested in it and was well versed in his knowledge, due to the depth of his astrological knowledge, initiated another avenue of his spiritual development that would lead him to better orient himself on his path from hero to stardom

In times of musical darkness is when the Stars that have covered the firmament of music become brighter, Barry White is a Giant Star in that firmament… although his genre encompasses Soul and Rhythm and Blues, Barry White would be and will always be recognized as the undisputed King of Disco.

What you are going to get is a powerful and passionate interpretation of these beautiful songs that would include the highest expressions of spirituality as an introduction and corollary to the performance, inspirations in life and love between each song, 15 musicians on stage, a multimedia that is sensitive to the music of the group that increases and describes the work of the Master, you will leave in ecstasy for a powerful energetic transmission that will happen during the performance. A total change of consciousness…


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